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Bought coilovers for my 2002 mk4 2.8 4motion a few months ago and i hate them.
Everytime i hit a small hole in the road i feel i have been swallowed up in a man hole. the noise is like someone letting a bomb off under the arch.
Any ideas why this is happening? They seem fine and not busted and just passed an M.O.T so i am at a lose on why they are so crap
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debadged the bootlid a month or so ago, thought it was about time i took some piccs

Posted Image

car is properly dirty btw [:$]

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ridin high lol

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thoughts and opinions?

i know it needs a lot doin, but have got a fair bit in the pipeline for her....
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wrong thread alltogether!

was on mine when i was typin but jus threw me onto this 'un! [facepalm]

soz mate, can you remove threads?
this comps bin f'in wiv me for a couple of days now!

soz guys [:$]
need to get rid of them
Is it a case of buy cheap buy twice?

What brand are they?
Not sure got them from germany
Is it a case of buy cheap buy twice?

What brand are they?
has anyone tried the

Shock absorbers VW GOLF IV 4-Motion Front 99-07 from Munroe
Nope, but thinking of getting Koni for mine if I cant get a stock set of R32 OEM, will have to look into this as I have cheap lowering springs on mine at the mo and its like a drunk on a skateboard at times.
bought the gmax front shocks and i have the apex 35mm springs to use that i had already but not sure if they are too low and buy the 20mm ones for the r32
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