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Clutch Pushing Up Under Acceleration

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Hi Folks , first of all its cold and i'm sick of it , secondly my bora has started something new over the past few days . When coasting clutch pedal drops about an inch while foot is half resting on it but as soon as i hit the loud pedal it jumps straight up again ? WTF , is this the cold weather or is the master cylinder release bearing going bye bye , was mapped about 2k ago , but only got 155hp so it should be fine . Any ideas what it is . Just spent 600 getting turbo refurbed and mapped so not looking forward to another big bill :-(

Happy Christmas all by the way :)
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Has anyone experienced this kind of issue , its very strange ??
this is very strange are you getting any juddering at all whare did you get your car remaped
Hi There ,

No i'm not getting any juddering . It seems to have gone away now the weather has got warmer but still would like to knw the cause of it . Had my car mapped by David Wishart from TorqueTronix in Kells over here in Northern Ireland . Only got it to 155bhp so should be ok on the clutch although it has got 120k on the original :)

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