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clutch and flywheel problems on passat

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hi guys got a new flywheel and clutch kit fitted today for the wife passat , after driving it out from the garage the pedal seems to be alot lighter than before, and for some strange reason it feels like i need to press the clutch right to the floor to change into gear, is there anything i could do to tighten up the clutch cable or something?
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The clutch is hydraulic and will feel a lot lighter than before. As they get old the feel of the pedal gets heavier. You should be putting your foot all the way to the floor to change gear anyway. If however the biting point is too low to the floor then you should take the car back and ask them to bleed the clutch. Obviously it will still bite lower than before as the biting point gets higher when the clutch is near the end of its life.
thanks guys i just feel like the biting point is quite low say about just below half way from the pedal
That doesn't sound low to be honest. Low is just off the floor. Sounds like you just need to get used to the new feel.
thanks matt, another question i want to ask you is that see when you lift the clutch up i sometimes get the odd judder! is this because it has a new flyheel? and the more i drive it it'll wear down away
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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