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Cloudy Light Syndrome

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recently purchased a 99 bora, fantastic motor.

its just that the front head lamp performance is pretty bloooming pants!

purchased some osram nightbreaker bulbs whichs seems to have made the light much crisper, just dont have a fantastic amount of light coming out from them.

the lenses, upon inspection, seem to be "cloudy". not like a burnt yellowish cloudy, like ford headlamps. but like they have a bizarre matted finish.

anyway of remedying this or should jus start saving to purchase some new headlamps?

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will give it a go with some g3 or someting today see how that happans turns out.

is it quite a common problem?

buffed the lenses today, only by hand mind, seems to have made a little difference reckon ill pick up/borrow/steal a polisher and give it another go at some point. any 'special agents' out there that will help the process? or is just a case of sheer determination ???
Best way is to wet sand them (up to 2000 grit) then compound then a fine polish, lot of work though ive done mine and they are alot better but still not perfect :(

This also strips off the UV coating on the headlamps so they will yellow over time and need a polish now and then to restore the clarity, I usually give mine a quick going over with plast-x everytime I wash the car.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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