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city jetta rear end ....

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hi all does anybody know if the dealers can get parts for the city jetta in the uk .if not anybody know were to source them ..

i am after the boot lid rear lights and bumper ,,.they look like this
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you and me both mate! i been looking for this before i even took the keys of me Bora!
that rear end looks like it would slip straight on my bora...... be worth the cash just to find out.....oooooo i want i want plz santa i,v been a good boy ...hahahahaaaa
from what i have read some modifcation is needed as bolt patterns are different on the boot lid. you will also need a loom for the rear lights. there from japan and in the usa etc. i found 1 place in Canada a while back that would sell me the parts, but the shipping rapped me. so i didnt bother in the end.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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