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Chuck a dog a bone. But which bone?

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Hey guys,

Wanted to upgrade my Dogbone mount and I keep hearing about the Vibra Techs one........

I want to upgrade but still try to keep the car smooth and the vibrations as low as possible.

Has anyone had any expeiences with this Dogbone mount??

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vibratech is the best dogbone mount you can buy.... they sell worldwide that should tell you how good they are expensive but they are so much stronger more reliable and almost stop al the vibrations.... that said you are better off changing both engine mounts left and right for the vibratech versions. that way there will be almost no vibrations on the dogbone mount so you can leave it oem ;)
Personally I went for a Powerflex diesel red large bush (PFF85-420R) and a normal Powerflex small bush (PFF85-505). No vibrations through the cabin either. Just make sure you replace the bolts with new.
Thanks for your replies guys, northpole I was thinking of changing the engine mounts, however perhaps at the end of the year when I've got a little more cash.

Also what if I just replaced the engine mounts with oem ones and a vibra tech dog bone mount would that still help with engine movement? This is because I want to try and keep the engine bay looking as standard as possible as its an anni edition and I'm trying to make upgrades that aren't apparent. (I know I know I'm abit ocd :D)

Thanks Craig I'll make sure to buy new bolts too, I'm guessing your running a diesel?
I've got a 1.8T A3, just the diesel bush is a little softer than the petrol version which is known to transfer a fair bit of vibration to the cabin, but still a big improvement over the OEM bushes. For everday use I just thought it made a more sensible choice.
Generally vibratech mounts will increase not decrease vibration as they are harder and give less movement I had them on all 3 mounts on my Vr6 mk3
yeah and that is the operative thing that is on the mk3 platform on the mk4 it is a completely different story.... the vibratech mounts take the complete engine vibration away on the mk4 period... if you don't believe me look it up on their website....

ps just the dogbone mount will dampen the vibrations but as you have been advised by others a simple powerflex or superpro poly bush will do the same and it is cheaper ;)
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