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chips in windscreen.

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A special Christmas thank-you to the gritter lorries on the m1 on boxing day who. Successfully managed to put not one, but two chips in my windscreen. So my next question is, can anyone recommend a chip repair company who won't cost me an arm and a leg, and who operate in Manchester?
What can I expect to pay?
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Dunno if it fits the bll for you, but Autoglass are meant to be pretty good.
Has your insurance not got windscreen cover? Most insurance companies these days have it. There will be a set excess but shouldn't be much. I think you can phone Autoglass and they will sort it all out for you. You should check their website.
Not fully comp, so I don't think I'm covered.
Autoglass are ?69 per repair. Whether that'll cost me double for two chips I don't know?
Just wondered if there's anyone else out there.
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