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Hi, I've got a VW Golf, mark 4 2002. I had the check engine light come on and it stays steady for a while then starts blinking. Also had the EPS light come on at the same time but no ABS light.

Took it to the local mechanic and he saw that there was a misfire and also saw that the coolant and oil were mixing. So changed the head gasket, timing belt and gave it a good service.

Car runs a bit smoother now and a bit more powerful but still the warning lights are still lit up. Then I had the oxygen sensor replaced with a brand new one (pre cat) and still the warning lights come up. But sometimes only the check engine light will come up and after a while of driving do the EPS and blinking check engine lights appear.

The car seems to run smoothly, its an automatic. But wen it changes to 3rd gear the car vibrates a lot and doesn't go away until it changes gear. I've already spent almost 1000 pounds doing all of those repairs. Any ideas why the warning lights are still coming up?

Also the petrol consumption seems to be higher than normal. It was a lot worse before all these repairs were done but it still isn't the same as before.
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