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Changing my clutch and flywheel 1.8t

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My clutch has suddenly began to slip badly! I've ordered a luk clutch and SMF conversion from eBay for 200 pounds.

I've not changed a clutch before but I think I have a good idea.

If anyone has any pointers I'm very happy to hear hear them.

I've got 3 axle stands, 2 jacks and one bottle jack. Planks of wood. Lots of tools and a helper.

I really need to get it done in one day as I've booked Thursday off work to do it. I'm either in work or college so I really must get it done in one day as I don't have another day off in the foreseeable future.

Could anyone also tell me which clutch release bearing I will need? Bearing on mind I'm doing the SMF conversion I'm not sure it will be the same. (mine is currently squeaky)
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The clutch kit should come with the right one.

Have you got the spline bits for taking driveshafts out? Taking driveshaft cup off without a windy gun is hard too.

You need to take airbox, battery, battery tray, loom conduit cover all out.

Gear linkage, slave cylinder, starter motor and wiring all off.

Undo all gearbox bolts, I'd recommend undoing wishbone at passenger side too.

You need an engine support bar ideally too as the dogbone and gearbox mount need to come off, then you need to lower engine down slightly to get box out. I wouldn't want to support the engine on the sump.

Man handling the box on your back might be tricky, but I'm sure do-able.

Think thats everything, its a long job on a ramp, so I'd start v early, its not the easiest job.
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Hope you didnt buy a techniclutch kit, or itll be back out within a month.
Make sure you have new fly wheel bolts.

I was told a story of a ford that let go its flywheel, it made a very wide letterbox hole in the bonnet as it escaped the Orion.
Hope you didnt buy a techniclutch kit, or itll be back out within a month.
I take it there bad then?

It took me 10 hrs to do the gearbox, rear bushes, oil and filter, full brake and clutch bleed inc doing it with vagcom. The most time was spent trying to mess about holding the flywheel so I could torque the bolts, i had to pop to my dad's to borrow stud bar angle iron make a bracket to wedge it etc.
I dropped the subframe slightly because I think i could have done it without but would have took me longer on my own.
The clutch kit should be a 3 piece kit a release bearing, pressure plate and cluch. You need then the flywheel inc the 6 bolts and the 6 pressure plate to flywheel bolts
counter-act the flywheel by a 19mm 12point socket on the timing belt end,

Yeah, been loads of people have issues with techniclutch. wouldnt even give them to the scrap man to weigh in they are that bad.
Argh it was techiniclutch! Any recommendations? I'm gona try and cancel this one.

Cheers guys, I bare it in mind when torquing the flywheel.
Okay it's cancelled guys. Lol. Anyone send me a link to a good one? I had my heart set on a SMF conversion. Open to suggestions, though.
Look at some of the kits on euro car parts. They are normally sachs or valeo. Normally a discount code flying around too/
Look at some of the kits on euro car parts. They are normally sachs or valeo. Normally a discount code flying around too/
I can see some but they are all clutch kits for the DMF.

I'm not too sure what I'm looking for really. If I bought the vr6 clutch and flywheel designed for the mk3 golf would it just pop straight on my mk4 1.8t?
Listed under solid mass conversions on their site.
You can of course just get it from one suppler but I gave up trying to find it on there website and the salesman were next to useless and just kept repeating you need a duel mass with 1.8t clutch not vr6, i felt like strangling him.
Listed under solid mass conversions on their site.
Ahh found them! Is the valeo worth the extra 50 quid more than the transmech?
In fact I'll just order the valeo, don't want to be messing around with clutches again soon and looking at getting more power in the summer aswell.

I sure hope they have them in stock for me, getting on it now.
That does work out at very good value! I've heard good things about darkside although I've never used them. Those are the guys with the 400bhp 1.9tdi arosa ain't they? Haha
I am running 280ft/lb on a brand new std sachs 1.8t clutch on a 170k dmf with no issues what so ever.

Personally I'd stick with the dmf, they tend not to fail on petrols, but your call lots of people have gone both ways.

Cost me £150 for full clutch kit
I recently had the valeo SMF kit fitted on my AGU. No problems at all. Clutch pedal is nice and light.

It might be my imagination but it does drive a little different now - seem to keep a lot more speed with clutch 'in' in stop start traffic.
Don't keep a DMF, go smf. Peace of mind.

Mine has been in since 2010, perfect.

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