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"CD Defective" message from MFD Version G sat nav unit

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Good afternoon,

I can't use my sat nav as the above message keeps coming up. What is wrong with it?

The stereo etc. works fine !!!!!!

Anybody in the Manchester area who knows how to fix it? Cash waiting !


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I had this on an MFD headunit, I bought a replacement laser in anticipation of having to swap it, but in the end I stripped the MFD down and cleaned the laser carefully and it sorted it.
Franko 180,

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

Was it a tricky job to do?

How much was the laser, where did you get it from?


In that case is there some sort of old skool CD cleaner disc you can buy?

smething u drip cleaning fluid onto, and play the disc so it lightly buffs the laser lens?

if they still made these, then it would make it easier than stripping the headunit apart
I've had a similar issue with mine in the past, Used a CD cleaner disc bought from Asda which sorted the issue now all fine and has been for months now.
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Thanks for all the replies, appreciate it.

Will try a CD cleaner over the weekend, see if that works.

Thanks again.
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