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not sure if its a repost!

A mate of mine sent me this link

heres all the commands, sorry if it offence anyone on the site.

Angel- Purple outfit (Jenna)
Arm - Arm Wrestle (Ali Vs Katrina)
Ass- Jiggle Arses

Ball- Girls play with ball
Bend- Drops keys (Jenna)
Bitch- Girls pant like dogs
Boobs- Removes T Shirt (Ali)
Boot- opens boot
Bra- Removes t shirt (Karina)
Breast- Removes T Shirt (Jenna) others rub breasts

Car- Beat up Car
Clean- Girls wash car in black bikinis
Cheeky- Cream Bikini (Jenna)
Cleavage- girls show more cleavage

Dance- Disco lighting girls dance
Dolly- Girls take little steps across screen
Drink- Vision becomes blurred girls act drunk
Drive- Girls climb in backseat

Fall- Jenna falls over
Fight- Girls fight over Jenna

Girly- Group Hug
Groom- Girls change outfits rub Alis legs

Head- Girls eat bananas
Hello- Girls wave

Jiggle- Girls jiggle
Joke- Jenna Wedgies others
Jump- Girls Jump

Kiss- Jenna applies lipstick, Girls kiss Jenna

Laugh- Girls point and laugh
Legs- Jenna washes car, others wash Jennas legs
Lick- Girls lick fingers
Limbo- guys come in with limbo pole girls limbo under it
Lips- Girls pout

Monty- See for yourself
Muscles- girls show off muscles (watch Jenna)

Naughty- Girls spank Jenna

Perv- Bloke reading magazine turns up
Play- Girls tickle Jenna
Pout- Girls port

Repair- Girls ?fix? car

Sexy- Girls writhe on car
Spray- Water pistol fight
Stand- Girls stand on 1 leg
Stretch- Girls make stretching shapes
Strip - Karina in purple outfit

Time- Wet T-shirt
Tits- Removes T-Shirt (Jenna)

Wank- Girls tit rub wing mirrors
Wanton- Girls beckon
Wax- Girls clean car in purple bikinis

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i dont get what happens
do you enter the command in the box cos it wont let me writ nething or do you have to buy the bloody thing??
Text ?1.50 then you get to do that, dont you get those repeated text chargeing you?
lol....funny idea tho
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