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Castle Combe Spring Action Day 9th April

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Hi All,

Just thought that I would post a quick message up as Castle Combe have just confirmed all of there Action Day and Show Events dates for this year.

So thought that we could use this post for arranging a Uk-Mkivs stand at the event. If you haven't been before this is probably the busiest action day as its the first of the year. I went up for the day last year and the place was packed.

I copied and pasted some info below from there site

Action Days

Spring Performance Car Action Day
- Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Peformance Car Action Day 2011

One of the most popular events on the track day show calendar, the
Spring Performance Car Action Day attracts well over a 100 performance
car clubs representing just about every type of performance car

The crowded display area is 'Mecca' for performance car enthusiasts
with hundreds of cars on display. We welcome back the Gloucester Drift
Club who brought more cars and a more spectacular display last year.

Be sure to check this out for 2011 as its going to be even bigger!

For pictures of last year's "Spring Performance Action Day" click on the
link below: (Courtesy of Trackside Images)

Information to book track sessions and tickets will be provided
shortly after the new year.

Starts 8:30am Ends 6:00pm

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Ill be there as a spectator.i int think we could arrange clubstand at this event thats why i stuck with the july one
but if you can im in
I will be there, but with another club.
Ill be there with another club. If you have a club stand Ill come say hi
Doubt I'll be on a stand or the track, but will probably come along at some point to see what's what.
I'm surprised there so little interest in this as its a really top day out
Is this a track day or just a show/spectator day?
It's both.

It is a great day out. I've been on my club stand at the last 5 or more shows.
If i can get some brakes before then i will attend ..... i dont want to go home sulking because people were outbraking me all day.

Ive never been on castle
combe before plus the golf needs to lose its track virginity (so do i on
4 wheels [:)] ).

Sounds like there will be plenty to keep me amused between track sessions too [Y]
bumpy bump as this is gettoimng close ish

smithy better get on to autometrix soon for passes
I'll be up for this if I get remapped in time

can you pay on entrance?
I haven't organising anything becuase of the lack of interest. I am still going but will either go with a local club or just turn up and park up round by Tower
I dont think events like this get a massive VW interest. Looks like a few of us have other clubs that have stands though so atleast there will be some VAG metal there [:)]
oh right, i see dont have to be loads of us does there?

im thinking if were gonna go as visitors anyway for the sake of an email we get in cheaper if we have a stand.dont we?

Jimmy-you goin with BSE?
I am with BSE mate. Just posted on your build thread saying we might have a space free if you fancy it.
Are we doing a club stand for this show then guys?

My car isn't anything particulary special but I would be up for it!

I think there wasnt enuf interest. Im goin with another club now.

Get ur name down for july 16th vw audi day at come.definately a stand that day.i would say that im arranging it.gehe
I've been asked to go with another forum too. Shame there wasn't the interest off her because its an awesome day
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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