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Car I may be buying?

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Right ive got a mk3 gti and a mk4 gt tdi that is my project car, but am possibly buying another mk4 daily.

Its off of my little brothers friend that i have known for years. Its a 2000 W reg silver 5 door 1.4s.

127k on the clock but with a 2nd engine on 96k. Its been sat for about a month as he says the gearbox is naff. He said he wasn't 100% but he was told the prop shaft had come out? Car still s elects gears 1,2,4 & 5 but third is ropey. Needs the exhaust welding on as it had a powerflow exhaust welded which he has now removed. Comes completely standard except debadged and smoked rear lights. Has 9 months MOT and tax is up at the end of the month. £450?? Sound any good? Ive sourced a gearbox for around £280 and think i can do it myself. Will also be sourcing the bolt kit and drilling the rivets out as i hear they are the main cause of the DUU,DUW & ERT gearbox failures?

Was thinking though that surely if the rivets had sheared then there would be leaking fluid and no gears s electable?

Its a bit of a pain as with it having no exhaust theres not enough compression to keep the engine running, to give it a run to find out how bad it is. But for the sake of £20 to weld the exhaust on ill give it a go and see.

Any help welcomed on this one guys!

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Gearboxes have always been the weak point on the 1.4 & 1.6 mk4s.

Doesn't sound too bad for £450 though dependant on the general condition of the rest of the car. You really want to hear the engine to find out if it's got "the death rattle" of incredibly noisey tappets. Like mine. [:)]
Death rattle? Thats worrying! Ill hear it before any cash exchanges hands. He did say its smoking a bit though?
the engine should stay running even without an exhaust, if it stalls then it will stall with an exhaust aswell. maybe the throttle body is dirty
yeah had that issue on my mk3 think he just didnt want to start it without one due to it being his sisters house. Going for a proper look tomorrow for some more info pics etc. Will get him to start it either way and drop it off at my local mechs for an inspection before i buy it i think
got some carb cleaner in the mk3 :p
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