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Last week I started the car as normal and went
to the bank, when i came out of the bank the car wouldn't start. The
starter was clicking and whining,
so I took the key out and tried again and the car fired up as normal.
With the weather being so bad I put this down to frozen diesel. Then
last night
I was stopped at traffic lights and the car died. The lights, cd player
etc stayed on but the engine died. Again starter tried to start but
wasnt starting. So after a few trys got the car started. Then again
today the car would cut out every 30 secs and wasnt staying on at all.
trying to get home with car stopping on roundabouts etc lol) Anyways its
home now and i doubt it will be driven again to its fixed. No warning
are shown on the dash so does anyone have any ideas? To me it sounds
like a loose connection somewhere but I'm no expert. Its a mk4 TDI Golf
by the

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electrical mechanic mate probably your ignition amp as said above
Ignition amplifier? On a TDI? Wake up people.

When the car cuts out and you go to try restarting, does your glow plug light come on when you turn the key to the second position (like just before you actually turn to the start position)?
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