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Cant get my head round it...

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I have a PD150 Golf estate and been having a few problems with the steering and suspension recently. The car had a new steering rack last July as it was leaking badly , had a power steering expert fit it for me but because I supplied it there was no warranty on the part from him ( I work in a motor factors and got one with some discount ) Its an AMK recon rack. I then lowered the car on KW coilovers in September and by December a knock appeared when it was on full lock at low speed.

I replaced wishbones with new ones and polybushes , polybushed arb bushes , drop links , top mounts , both drive shafts and the knock was still there.

Got me wondering if the front coilovers were knackered but they were only rebuilt by KW just before I bought them so thought it cant be that. This lead me on to thinking it was maybe the rack :( :(

Put it up on the ramp and although not much could be seen , we thought maybe the mechanism inside the rack was knackered. Got it up on a jack today and all the bolts that hold it in were slightly loose , all being able to be done at least half a turn. Put it back on the floor and although the noise is not as bad , its still there. Now do I attempt to try and tighten it up again now the rack has been pulled back into place and car has been back on the floor since we tightened them ?

I cant see a rack going in less than a year even with a lowered car , I have plenty of mates whos cars are much lower and dont have problems. Anyone got any advice ? Really dont want to have to put the new rack in as its alot of work but if its the only way then I may have to... :blink:
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I think the the knock your referring to is the drive shaft hitting the arb, this is a common issue with the mk4 after lowering.
PD150 estate? Didn't know they made one
Is it an import or did you fit the VB turbo yourself?

Sounds like an ARB issue to me as well, how much lower than standard are you? I'm down 40mm on my estate and that touch's on full lock.
The thing that makes me think steering rack is within a couple of weeks of it being tracked it starts to go out again to the ten to four position ?
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