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Can't access forum from PC - not just me!

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Having some trouble getting onto forum from my pc, same with dan, richwig and a couple local lads up here. I keep getting a 'connection has timed out' message in firefox and IE. I've tried clearing all settings in Firefox, can't ping from command prompt, restarted modem, changed DNS servers to those of googles. has anyone got any ideas why there is about 5 people I know can't get on here?
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Works fine on pc, netbook and phone for me. Try downloading opera or maybe google chrome see if it comes on them.
Doesn't work in chrome...
i had the same last night couldnt connect to the forum at all
i had the same last night couldnt connect to the forum at all
Are you on BT?
i've got the same problem, now using my brothers p,c to get on the forum. i'm with bt broadband
I had the same issue last night. Am with BT...
Another bt user with problems last night, I could go on any other website exept uk-mkivs
Been fine for me at home on PC and IE8 on 02 and fine at work on the same but unknown ISP.

Couldn't get on last night on BT or on mobile. Most bizarre [*-)]
Very wierd indeed.

I cant come up with a explanation, unless it was something to do with the sites servers blocking traffic from BT originating IP addresses.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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