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Can anyone confirm my other cars Brake Disc sizes? GT TDI 140 4motion

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Hi I have the following car:

Golf MK5 GT TDI 140 4Motion '05

I have been told by two VW dealers that the Brake Discs are:

Front: 288 x 25 Vented
Rear: 256 x 12 Solid

However, most websites put the GT 140 4motion as having 260mm rear discs! Can anyone confirm? I think the VW dealer system is not distinguishing between the standard GT and GT140 models. But, the dealer did say that they used the chassis number. So now I'm just confused.

I would appreciate your help, thank you!
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the vw dealers are correct in the sizing, the only main differences between yours and a standard 140 is yours has 4 wheel drive the braking system is the same

Thanks for the advice...

I just dont know why most of the brake disc / pad manufacturers list it as 260mm discs. Unless there is alternative wierd measurement they use instead?! I'm having the same problem with my other car (see separate post!)
i did see the other post but cant answer it, i think there may have been a model change which could explain the different sizes on you other car. best bet is to ring up your local tps place and give them the reg number and they will tell you the exact spec of your car
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