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Camshaft kit.

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Anyone point me in the direction of a good camshaft kit including hyd followers and shell bearings? PD 130
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I'm surprised no one has said 'VW'...

I think the cam is £380 odd alone, and the followers £18 each give or take.

Dont forget the bearings either!

Cheap alternatives are normally on fleabay for £300 ish all in.

Is yours shot?

Try e-bay mate... I just got a complete head with cam,lifters,injectors and tandem pump for less than £200.. its from a 130bhp skoda..

I replaced my cam with genuine vw parts less than 40k ago and it needs replaced again. Thats why I bought the replacement head.

also try here

Apparently they are the same.

Not sure if there gone but it starting to sound a bit tappy on cold, a little less on warm.
How long should it take a good garage to change over the cams including lifters and shell bearings?

the kit from VW comes to ca 800+VAT incl a cambelt kit.

fitting incl doing the cam-belt takes ca 4 hours.

feel free to get in touch, i am only in kirkby, so down the road from you.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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