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wez, nice motors, however perhaps I should fill you in on my lifetime ambition...

huge house, possibly ex-farmhouse

huge garage, space for the following:

a.n. other car for the missus

Daily Q car for getting around - nice Audi estate, poss RS4 [:)]

Convertible for those happy summer days, poss MX-5

Camper van for those summer trips to Devon, Scotland, Europe

Sportsbike such as R6, of whatever the flavour of the month is

Touring bike such as a VFR or something bigger

Multiple mountain bikes for every riding scenario

Currently I'm missing the house, garage, got Bora instead of RS4, no camper or MX-5, no sportsbike or touring bike, but I do have my Hornet 6 and 3 mountain bikes...

Its a work in progress! [;)]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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