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Calibre Wheels 17''.. what are your thoughts?

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so ive currently got 18'' RS8 wheels, but want a change as i think these are too big and a little common. so ive come across Calibre Vintage Wheels which i like the look off, was considering Lenso's but they only come in 16'' and i think they're too small. The stud pattern on a mk4 2002 is 5*100 i think?? maybe some could confirm this. So what do you all think? any ideas on prices? opinions welcome pleaseee...
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Yep mk4 is 5x100

You can get Calibre Vintage wheels for about £400-500 without tires, just have a look on ebay.
yh ive been checking ebay. similar prices everywhere. might put the steels back on the car and try selling the RS8 wheels first :/
Check Josh Marshalls Build thread as he was selling his I think.

You will need to have your car lowered quite a bit to be able to pull of 17's well.
I believe they're bringing out those wheels in 18x8 and 18x9 sometime soon [:)] get 4 9's and run 10mm spacers out back and that'll look awesome
ive always thought 18's are a tiny bit too big.. but as mentioned to go on 17's car gota be LOWWW too.. not sure if im ready for that lol, obviously dont want it stupidly low..
i've got 17'' rs8's on mine not lowered at the moment and its not sooo bad
yh, dont get me wrong i do like the RS8's i think they look pretty sick, but the only reason they're on my car is cause i bought it like that. but i prefer the old skool/ vintage look with the multi spokes..
i was told this by calibre that they would produce 18" in spring, but then got told that it may not happen
Bigger is better with rims - save some cash and go for the 18s. Either that, or step up to some 19s to fill the arches properly - otherwise, IMO, the wheels just look lost in the arches. [negative]

@ jake - if you go to i think they're already in production but they're being cheeky and not listing the price....?

@ mr_wigster- you have a point.. but maybe some spacers could be the solution..

if someone has pics with the wheels on it would be helpfull
i have been looking at these wheels for a wee while now i really like them theyre a wee bit different im goin with 17's and dropping it 40mm shud look gd likes so id say go for it[Y]
look good acctualy, i wonder if the arb's have been changed on these cars.. as i want to avoid doing that.. :/
i think they look pretty good but in an ideal world 8s arnt wide enough on the rears ....
I like them a lot, they're high on the list of wheels for my old barge once it's a lot nearer the tarmac.
i think they look ok jst as posted would be nice if they were 8s front and 9s rear
what are your thoughts on the 17'' diameter though? too small? too big??
u mean too small? ive got no air just coilovers... or are you saying ill have to drop the car alot to fill the gaps?
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