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Looking for advice or someone who may have dealt with this already.

Recently the car has a strong burning oil smell venting in to the car via the heater vents. It's not an over powerinng smell - yet - but enough to be quite noticable after about 15-20 minutes of driving.

The car isn't producing blue smoke, the oil isn't overfilled and there's no sign of leaking on anything hot on the front of the engine (i.e exhaust manifold) to show it's burning off that way.

I know the 1.4 lumps can use a lot of oil - but I'm getting about 800-900 miles between 1 litre top ups. The car has done 92K miles.

The car was serviced back end of January and the only thing that the garage mentioned was a minor leak of power steering fluid, but the smell is deffo an oily one without question.

Looking around on the web (dangerous!) I've read something along the lines of piston ring/stem seal failure - which will mean doom! I'm assuming possible engine rebuild.....[N]

Can anyone suggest anything before it gets any worse?
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