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Brrrr, no heating!!!

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A mate of mine decided it would be a good idea to run his mk5 on almost pure water and no coolant. Not surprisingly it all froze. By the time he bought it to me the engine had been running for about five minutes so it was all liquid in the block and pipes but the rad was frozen solid. Lots of hot water and pipe removal later and got it unblocked.

Filled it (with the right stuff), ran it up to temp, self bled it, thermostat opened and the rad got nice and hot. Sat at an indicated 90deg so all good. Or so I thought. Heater wasn't chucking out any heat. Inlet pipe nice and hot but at pressure. Outlet was cooler and at low pressure.

Do you think there's an airlock in there or maybe just still frozen in there. Either way, any ideas what we can do to sort it? Cheers for your help......
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