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brake problems again

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hi,got my rear brakes changed today,great but notice the nsr caliper was wet with brake fluid,the bolt thats goes in was not tight,so i tighten it up,took the car to get the brakes fluid done,they said my capiler is needing changed,could it be that the seal is no good on the capiler where the bolt goes in or will i need a new capiler,help again plz,got the tool for the rear brakes if any1 needs it
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just wondering if the washer has gone where the bolt goes in
Which bolt are you meaning? The only ones that will leak fluid are the bleed nipple and the banjo joint. If it's the banjo, could try replacing with copper or aluminium crush washers?
yes the banjo joint,it was going out of the bottom of there
just working on my rear brakes at the moment, if its leaking from the bottom of the joint only then more than likely the washer.should be two thereone either side.
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