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brake fluid

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need to change my brake fluid,i am better off getting a garge to do it or is it worth trying
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Easy to do mate I find it easiest to undo the to rear bleed nipples and pump it all through then fill back up and bleed all 4 brakes starting from the 1 furthest away from master cylinder.
not that hard really, a container to collect old fluid couple of bits of pipe over the bleed nipples plenty of video guides on line to help
Easy enough diy or £25 at a garage.
I always use the two man method then i can guarantee no air getting into the system then doesn't take long either

You must do it correctly to avoid problems after the fluid change, particularly getting air into the ABS system, read my previous post from the link below to give you an insight into some of the symptoms you might experience. good luck.
Gunson Eezibleed is all i have to say.. superb little gadget for £15 and doesnt need a genius either..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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