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Bora very hard to start when engines cold!?

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Have a vw bora 01 and it takes up to about 7 turns of the key when the engine is cold to start. Whilst doing this I'm getting a lot of white smoke from exhaust. I've changed glow plugs and battery. Thinking tbis could be a problem with the relay 109, or the timing of the injection pump is off? Any ideas.. thanks
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Also when the car is started it drives perfectly and will start after first key when engine is warm?
could be relay 109 that needs to be changed, could also be a dirty injector (mainly number 3) or the timing is off, or the injection quantity is too much causing extra diesel being sprayed in at a cold start... All of these give excessive with smoke on a cold start that disappears as soon as the engine starts to warm up (smoke is there for about 1 minute but the car idles fine)

PS worst case scenario is a leaking head gasket but that means you will have white smoke all the time and the exhaust fumes will smell sweet rather than smelling of diesel.
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It turned out to be the timing of the ignition wqs way too retarded. After a few hours of tweaking I got it spot in the middle. Cheers
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