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Bora TDI 130 - Flat Battery

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I have just had the Battery and Alternator replaced on my TDI 130 Bora (a couple of months back), nad have left the car in the drive for the last 10 days or so and gone out this morning to no power what so ever. I did have some issues previously with the battery where I had to replace on a couple of times before getting the alternator replaced last time also. Car has no aftermarket extras other than an oldish Alpine Stereo. I have read a few forums where the advice is to check for internal lights on etc.. Did all this but still no avail. I have also had some advice that a bad earth can cause a drain, but cannot find any earths to check.

Any help would be much appreciated as th dodgy battery piece is spoiling what has otherwise been a good car.


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Has it been really cold where you are? I'm on holiday at the moment, and my mum rang me yesterday and told me my 130 bora is flat aswell. It's been started everyday since i've been gone which is only 4 days at the moment. Mine is dead because it's so cold, my Golf used to do it.
Yes - very cold. Do you start your Bora everyday as a precaution then.
mine was the same , tuck it off and charged it for a while then left under the radiator over nite , it started first time
Yeah, i use my Bora everyday tbh but if i am never there for a few days, i always have it started and taken for a quick 5 minute drive. I'm going to put it on charge when i get back and then it should be fine.
i always have it started and taken for a quick 5 minute drive.
This can do it more harm than good,in five minutes it'll still be recovering from starting a VERY cold diesel engine andd won't even have started chraging properly.Leaving it ticking over on the driveway is also bad for it a cold engine shouldn't be left to idle,also a cold battery will never be able to take a full charge.

The only ways are either at least a half hour drive or as above take the battery into a nice warm house and hook it up to a smart charger such as Optimate.

Ok cheers[Y] keep that in mind next time[:)]
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