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bora sport dials

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is this a bargin?. bora sport clocks with full fis display from my local scrappy ? just need vag to fit it.any idea on prices anyone.
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Should cost you around an hours labour at a dealers (it takes half an hour at most) I assume you have checked if it is from Bora that uses the same type of fuel as yours. Also you will be stuck with the milage reading of the Bora it came from and the dealer will most likely want to record any difference in your service records
It will be an Immobiliser 3 cluster and these are supposed to bring in all the relevant information from the cars ECU, this is supposed to include the recorded mileage however this is not always the case you will not know for sure how it will react until it is fitted and coded
re Mileage on a used cluster taken from the procedure on Vag - Com web site

Note: If you are installing an instrument cluster that has ever been installed in another car, you must insert the following step. Also, bear in mind that you will not be able to change the mileage of a cluster that has more than 100 km on the odometer):

Here is a link to the How to on Ross Tech web site

You will not be able to do this yourself using Vag - Com as Dealers are no longer able to access SKC's so therefore cannot give one out to a customer, so its a Dealer job I'm afraid
you have to many zero's it is 100 kms it depends what cluster you are looking if it is the Bora sport with the half height computer Boras have them after a certain year if your are looking Bora sport with the full height computer they are very rare and the chances of getting one are very slim
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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