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bora sport clocks into mk4 golf

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i have got a golf mk4 gt tdi 130 02 plate the tripcomputer is playing up so been looking a bora sport clocks on ebay would these go straight in the boy said he gives the 4 didget code and can put the correct miles in for you and how do i find out if i need immo2 orimm03 clocks and whots the diffrence betten the two

thanks to enyone that can help.
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You will need someone to code them to your car. Immo 3 will be fine for your car, i think they changed from 2 to 3 around 2001
whot kind of place code these for you.

Immo 3 clocks can be fitted to an immo2 or immo3 car so there is no problem with that. (immo2 can't however be fitted to an immo3 car)

you need to find someone who can code in clocks - some of the guys in here have the software to do it. Some VW/specialist garages should do it too. Ring around, or post your location on here and hope some helpful forum member can code it for you.

Do a search on the forum as there is info on this mod.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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