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Cars been remapped, running a lot quicker thanks to r-tech, but has the dreaded judder on accelerating, so ordered the Allard EGR delete kit to hope that will sort it,

Car has sounded like its been misfiring, but couldnt figure anything out as no coil pack or anything, r-tech mentioned could be chocholate cams, but wouldnt that of been noticeable before it got remapped,

also trying to get the handing sorted but with everyones replies whats the best value for money upgrades that make a great difference but dont cost much, trying to keep to a tight budget with handling upgrades as not sure if i will be working next month or two due to being a contractor,

anyway the new issue that has happened last night is that while i was waiting at some traffic lights, the car started sounding like it way being revved and like i had put my foot on the accelerator, the needle did go over the 1k REV, but then back down again after half a min?like nothing happened

Is that the intake manifold flap or what?

all help will be appreciated

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