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bora now a non starter!

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hey all! firstly a belated happy new year!

well with the new year bring new bora problems! a few weeks back i had the check light appear on the dash and the engine started running real bad, and sure enough after taking it to a garage and hooking it up, the result came back as a mis-fire on number 3 cylinder.

So after this, they said change sparks, and work back from there, cheapest first etc. Off i went purchased a new set of plugs fitted them, replaced all leads etc and all fine and dandy! Drove it to bristol and back (36mile each way from me) for about 2 weeks and no problems!

Went to go out a few days back jump in the car drive round the corner and back comes the light with the same lumpy running as per misfire! Anyway jump out lift the bonnet push on the ht leads number 1 has worked loose, push back on still running bad. So i had to leave it a few days due to work etc, went to start it last night and its turning over but not starting up! Today ive popped out bought some more HT leads and a new ignition coil. removed HT leads coil end and found that the lead to number 3 cylinder had broken off with clip inside the cap at the coil end.

long story short, removed and refitted coil, fitted all leads back in correct order and still nothing. Ive re-checked the spark plugs, all have fuel on the end, so fuel is gettin injected, battery still has green "light" indicating charge, so im now left a bit stumped! all i can think of is incorrect mixture? but its not long had the sensors re-newed for that.

Anything thing hidiously obvious ive missed out with my rookie checking? failing that what the next port of call after coil renewal etc?

many thanks in advance

nick (goatus!)
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Crank or cam position sensor possibly. Maybe even a coilpack or ignition amp?

cheers for the quick reply, when i had it hooked up 1st time no other faults came up on the reader. would the cam or crank sensor prevent it starting full stop? ive poped the coil off and replaced it, its an aus series engine so there isnt 1 ontop of each spark plug, but more one pack linked by 4 ht leads to the plugs.

cheers again
Well its been a few weeks so maybe something new has turned its ugly head. Id say get it scanned again mate.

ok kool, ill see what i can do gettin to a garage wise! looks like the aa may be gettinig a call rather soon grrr haha
Sounds to me cyl 3 lead failing was the original cause of the misfire and the lead was about to snap off when you changed the plugs.

Have you been trying to start it loads?

Did it catch and start ?

I think you may have flooded it.

Take out plugs and and leave for a couple of hours for petrol to evaporate, refit and start.

when i got it back after the 2nd problem, i left it for a bit then poped out maybe 2 nights after and it just diddnt start, ive tryd starting it maybe 3 or 4 times, ive tryd not to, as to avoid flooding if poss

many thanks again[:D]
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