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Hi guys!

Need your help, not long ago my Bora 1.6 16V started to make whistleing noises from the engine compartment.
Last week I checked with VAG-com for fault codes but didn't get a single fault code.

The whistle kicks in at around 2000rpm when standing still and at about 2500rpm when in gear and moving.

Here's a video of the whistle,

It's currently approx. -10 to -25 degrees Celsius up here in Sweden so could this have something to do with the cold weather?

Is there anything I can do about it?
The sound vanishes after the car has run for a few minutes but it's annoying as hell. I try to use the engine block heater as much as possible so the car isn't cold started.

Worth to mention is that I do seem to have a ticking valve lifter even though my oil and filter was changed at the stealership last September during service.
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