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boot lid wont open

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hi,boot lid wont open,tryed locking and opening the car with the fob,all the doors open but no boot and the key lock wont let my key in,and ideas

also been ahving trouble with my alarm going off so would this cause it
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Does your rear wash wipe work? Probably find the pipe has broken and been leaking into the boot
na,was going to fix it but cant get in to it,any ideas
I think you need to re read ajb100 reply mate[^o)]
same problem as jackhunter, anyone got any ideas??????
Had two mk.4s at work in two days for the same problem,the first one needed a new latch mechanism (about £35 inc VAT) and the second one had the swiivveling part of the barrel nech siezed up,both were caused by the washer pipe being diconnected from where it should go through the spindle.

Undo the screw in each grab handle in the inner tailgate trim and with a large flat bladed screwdriver wrapped in cloth try and lever it away with the screwdriver ressting on the inner back panel trim.Once you've got it started you should be able to get your hand in to pull te rest of it away from the tailgate,you won't get it all the way off because the parcel shelf side supports will stop the upper/outer corners from moving.You can now reach up inside and feel for the the release lever which you need to push towards the drivers side of the car.

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did all this yesterday,. and it now works! i geased up all the workings and catch where the boot latches onto, should it be ok now do you reckon? thanks by the way, very helpful!
My boot lock has gone pear shaped and now wont let me in, noticed a few days ago the boot open light on the dashboard kept coming up so I had to keep getting out to slam it shut.

Also noticed water dripping from the lock mechanism whenever I opened the tailgate after using the rear washer.

Going to go out now and have a go at opening the boot using imagewerks guide from above, cheers fella.


Followed the explanation by imagewerx of how to get the hatchback open, worked exactly as described, you are a diamond fella, found the washer pipe half hanging off and the lock has been coated in screenwash, the lock didn't want to unlock.

Sprayed loads of WD40 into everything and closed the latch using a screwdriver a few times to get it to pop, now works a treat and washer pipe firmly attached so hopefully a dry hatch, have left the inside hatch trim off so I can grease it all up tomorrow to let it dry out.

Only thing I have now noticed is that the tailgate warning light on the dash is glowing faintly when the hatch is shut, I have checked with VAG-com and when shut it says it is closed, I can only assume it's the switch drying out, unless of course it's crackered.
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