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Bonnet stuck shut - Apologies for repost

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Hi there,

I'm a new member, and would really appreciate any help or advice the community can give.

I've searched the forum, and it's clear this is a common issue for MKV's, however a lot of the advice on previous threads does not appear to apply to my situation, hence this new thread - I do apologise for the repost.

My car is a 2006 MKV 1.9 TDi Sport, and the story goes as follows...

- On Saturday I pulled the bonnet open lever in order to check the oil, all worked fine and as expected, checked the oil, all good.

- Went to shut the bonnet and it just wouldn't shut, I sprayed a bunch of WD40 in there and tweaked the mechanism with a screwdriver for a while and eventually it did shut.

- I thought it was odd to then tried to open the bonnet again, and the lever came loose in my hand, it's now got a completely 'baggy' feeling and does not appear to be connected to anything at all

- The computer is now telling me that the bonnet is open

- The other threads claim that if you remove the badge you can undo three torx screws and the bonnet and latch will all come undone together, then you can replace the latch mechanism with a new one and bob's your uncle.

- When I remove the badge I can't see any screws at all, i've uploaded a picture and attached of what I can see - The only accessible screw is to the left of the badge through the grill (Shown with it's black plastic nubbin in the photo)

Can anybody here advise on how I get the bonnet open based on the attached picture (Happy to upload any other angles etc if required).

Really appreciated any advice or help offered.


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