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Just had a phone call from BMW - I inquired about a Z4 a few days ago and they said as I wasn't happy with the 318ci that they would give me a good trade in to keep me sweet

They have offered me £18k

I actually bought a TT yesterday instead, and got a trade in of £19.5k

Think of a word that rhymes with tankers

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Speaking of BMW dealers, Milcars BMW in London - complete ****ers

I'll type my latest experience whilst having my breakfast !

Popped in yesterday to get a bracket for a boot changer, it came to the princely sum of £1.80

I had no cash on me and there was no cashpoint nearby so I said 'sorry but I'll have to pay by switch'

Parts guy : Oh, it's a £5 minimum for card purchases

Me : OK, just charge a fiver then, I'm in a rush

He starts putting it on the computer but I thought why give them money for nothing so,

Me : Actually, sorry but can I have a wheel cleaner as well to take the bill over £5

Does the invoice and it came to £6 something and he gives me the bracket and car wax

Me : Sorry but I asked for wheel cleaner

Parts Guy : Oh, thats £10 though

Me : That's fine (I thought I'd give it a try)

He then realises that he's have to do some work in refunding the wax and charging for the wheel cleaner so he says : I tell you what, I'll give you a smaller bottle of wheel cleaner and charge you the same as for the wax

This really slightly intoxicated me off as he knew full well that I was only trying to make up £5 worth so why try and give me the big bottle of cleaner then mention the smaller one ONLY when he realised he'd have to get off his *** and do some effing work

What slightly intoxicated me off even more is that the wheel cleaner is CHEAPER than the wax so how is he doing me a favour and letting me have it for the same price ?

Not the money which bothers me but I really hate it when people try to take advantage

My sister in law bought her 320Ci from their Ruislip branch and they were total ****ers as well

As much as I love BMWs I'd really think twice before getting one given the experiences of the dealers near me

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Its almost as if the parts department is as shifty, if not shiftier (not sure if that's a word!), than the car salesmen!

I was lucky enough to have a friend that sells Saturns (not sure if you all know of them), whos stealership is owned by a guy that also owns a V-Dub stealership, and my pal was able to sell me a car off their lot. He was also graced with the information on how much they paid for the car, and as well, what the absolute lowest they could take for it. Which turned out to be only $500 more than their investment.

Who's the "stealer" now?

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Originally posted by tobmob

BMW offered me £18k for my car

They have an identical car - different colour but same age and spec - £23k on the forecourt

Their mothers are female dogs [:(!][:(!]
Thats a disgrace! My Anni got sold for £1000 more than what I got for a trade in which I thought was a steal for the next guy!

And they are asking £5K more!! Wowsers!

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what wee weees me off about most of these guys that work in cars showrooms is that they think they own the brand or something. they dont realise that they only work there and its us the customers that can afford to buy their products.

so why the bloody attitude.

on and i think the word u guys are looking for is wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss
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