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Blue smoke

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Hi Guys

I've just got an X reg TDI 90BHP.

There is alot of blue smoke when it is cold and the turbo is pretty noisy, it hasnt been started for the last 6 month and it was an unloved car with servicing.

Any suggestions on what this is or how to fix it

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it is either the piston rings gone or the turbo seal has given up... so take off the turbo's downpipe and check for oil in there if there is any then you know it's the turbo seals... if it's dry it's piston rings and you'll need to take the engine apart to have that sorted out... but nowadays it's cheaper to just buy a low mileage replacement engine and drop that in.
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Could well be the turbo seals and unburnt oil getting through the turbo into the exhaust or the valve stem seals/rings are gone, personally I would say you need to change the Turbo even for a good used unit and make sure you clean the intercooler and assoiated pipes out too
Turbo is most likely although if it was left standing for a long time could have some valve stem seal leak.

Get 'fingering' the turbo to see how much movement there is!
Thanks for the replies.
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