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Mk4 brakes are a nightmare! I just put a new set of pads in my rear callipers and now the brake pedal has a really spongy feel. I have to pretty much put my foot to the ground before it will stop! Any ideas why this is happening? I took the cap off the brake reservoir before pushing the pistons back in but there is no way air could have been sucked in from there??? I don't understand it! Any ideas guys?? Really need to get it sorted tomorrow as I have to go back to work on Wednesday..

Ben [8o|]
The piston in the caliper should be wound back with the correct tool,NEVER pushed,My front pads and disc's were changed by a local garage and the lad that done the job used waterpump pliers to press the piston's back in,The problem with doing this results in a seal in the master cylinder flipping over and causing the spongy pedal and poor brake pedal,In the end it cost me over ?350 for a new master cylinder and the fluid changed at the dealer!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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