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Best value pet insurance for my dog?

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Hi all,

The pet insurance for my dog is due to re-new this month, I am currently with Pet Plan and it seem to jump up about £4 a month each year!

I went with them as the name is well know, and wanted the best cover, but am unsure if to carry on paying.

I got a quote with More Than which was much cheaper but appears to be the same cover, with a slightly lower excess of £70 rather than £90 for vet fees and treatments.

Does anyone use a company they would recommend or can give me an idea what to look out for?

At the end of the day he is my little baby so I dont mind paying the extra as long as I know its worth it!


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We insure our cat for ?6.18p per month with Healthy-Pets! I know that's not a dog lol, but they've been great when we've claimed, not wriggling out of paying up, in fact helping out no end. Worth a look.
try petguard the pretty cheap for the level of cover you get. we have our akita insured for £16/month for the top policy and you can tayler the policy to your own taste [Y]
when it comes to insurance ufortunatly you only ever find out how good they are when you need to make a claim

one thing you need to do is make sure you get a life time policy that way if your dog gets a condition that it will need to be treated for the rest of its life they will pay out as long as you keep renewing your policy every year

i have a dog insured with AXA £18 and i also have another insured with wich is about £14 a month ive made a claim with axa they paid out quick pet insurance i have never had to make a claim with fingers crossed they are ok

hope that helps dan..

hers a picture of our stanley [:D]

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stanley spend his days on the treadmill and drinking protein shakes ?[:DD]

nice dog !
nah but he gets walked about 5 miles a day and is on a strict diet [;)]

i show him he has qualified for crufts 20 times this year im going to be mincing it up at crufts in march with him
fair play. will look out for you and good luck[Y]
We use more than for my dogs but we get 20% of cos wife works there but they wont cover our springer cos hes a gun dog & works
Cheers lads, thats one fine Staffie mate, does he rip his t-shirt off and turn green ever?! lol

I am swaying towards More Than, and away from Pet Plan as the conversation with PP was the girl saying that do not price match despite being £150 a year more, and the reason they are the best is...wait for it...because we are...ok then [:^)] great retention skills, lol

Shall check out the other mentioned ones as well.

As far as I can gather, the excess for vet fees and medication is £70, which is due again the next year if medication is needed and on going?
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