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Best value pads on Standard 2001 GT TDi Brakes?

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As the title suggests please.....

Mintex seem to be good from reviews I've seen but what others are they? Cheers
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Thanks for that but I Just had a look and they're about £200!!!

I drive a vw golf are we talking about the same car?? lol
Pagids std spec are about £70 for front and rear from Eurocarparts

Thats more like it, thanks for your help [:D]
just got pagid 312mm discs and pads for the front and great.
How much were they Chris and where did you get them? Cheers.
Euro car parts.

£94 for front discs and pads.

20% off there too....enter jan20
Oooh! Cheers! [Y]


Discs >> Part Number: 104440858 - £40.20 (per disc)

Pads >> Part Number: 101440708 - £46.74 (per axle)

GRAND TOTAL (inc VAT): £139.10 - With Discount

Bloody P1ss flaps I went and ordered them yesterday! That coupon code would of come in handy. Cheers anyway Chris
Ahh well. I always check for codes if i see chance to enter one when shopping online.

As the saying goes.....every little helps.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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