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Best Place Online for Tailored MK4 Golf Car Mats

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Hi Guys,

not posted for a long while due to not having a MK4 anymore :( boooo

but my dad still has one, and his mats are knackered, its the round hole fixings.

ebay looks full of crap (like what he has now)

can anyone recommend a seller on there or elsewhere of decent near original quality mats?


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The vw dealers? [:|] that's where I got mine from anyway.
Justmatz look good quality mats
can I just inquire as to why people don't like OEM mats?
anyone got the answer to how much from the dealers before i ring tomorrow?

will look at justmatz

The last set I bought from the dealers were £20
I saw a set at my local dealer frien barnet for around ?35
got a full set from dealer with new fixings for 20 should be around same from all dealers
I saw it on the shelf at my local alan day. For ?20 i might just invest in them too
cheers guys, going to ring dealers and get the price
£30 ~ from the dealers :) thought they would be £50+

The last set I bought from the dealers were £20
Thats good...try looking at the prices of the Anni mats! That is if you can find places that are selling them still as they are now a disconinued part

+£100 for a bit of red piping! [:O]
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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