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Best Phone Holder For MK4?

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I would like something that ideally doesn't require to use the slats of the air vents to hold the phone, but want to get something that is sturdy and will give easy access to the charging ports if required.

I am aware that some can be wedged in to the side of the stereo and extend out from the side, but is there one that can be wedged in at the top of the vents and hold the phone upwards?

What sort of phone holders do you guys have? :)
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The best brand is brodit

They make a bracket that clips (no screws at all) over the centre air vent. It simply wedges into place and then u can simply add the correct phone holder/mount. And change the phone holder in future if u change phone, but still retain the brodit bracket. This is what I have in my golf
I've recently bought a gripgo after reading reviews and seeing it used on the gadget show and im very pleased so far. It's still early days so longevity wise I can't say but it all depends on what case you use to weather it work in the first place, I use the Samsung genuine wallet type case
The material used to stick to the phone is very sticky and takes some effort to remove, infact the case on my pjone comes off easier. It can be cleaned use warm soapy water.
20150504_201124_zpsl3jzmq6k.jpg 20150504_201224_zpsjmvynqlx.jpg

Does the job & easy to install & remove .its got a good grip so your phone wont fall off . You can have the cradle at any angle too, wobble is very slight . Cost me £6.50 off the bay
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I'm looking one that will fit at the top of the vent, don't want one that sticks to the windows, had too much hasslt with them before.

The Brodit one seems good, as it wedges in behind the vent plastic instead of in the slats themselves. I wonder if I can modify it in some way so it holds the phone up higher than the vents instead of down over one of them. Would also like to find a way to make it easily rotate so if being used as a sat-nav etc. the screen is easier to look at.
The gripgo one comes,with a plastic plate thing that sticks to the dash so you,don't have to have it on the windscreen, I've had mine for months now and its pretty good, fiver in asda
Brodit will always block one air vent, there's no way around that. But yes u can fit a phone holder to it so it can pivot and rotate so u can use phone long ways of sideways up.
Sorry meant to say or, not of.
Imo it looks terrible, it will wobble all over the place.
You could get a centre console from scrapyard and screw one to the side of it.
I modded my phone holder tday, so now the bendy bit is much smaller & ive attached it to one of the spare blanking clips next to the hazard button.
Its perfect & sits where i want it but the only thing now to do is to mod the blanking plate so it can take the weight of the holder & phone.
Ill be making the plate look better so it wont look bodged .
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U can get a brodit that goes to the left or right of the centre console near the stereo, DSL developments is the website I normally get mine from and it doesn't block a vent although some variants do.. I'll see if I can find the part number
U can get a brodit that goes to the left or right of the centre console near the stereo, DSL developments is the website I normally get mine from and it doesn't block a vent although some variants do.. I'll see if I can find the part number
Its no screws and no vent blocking, I've used that website loads and have no affiliation. And been using broadit for decades
If Brodit holders are simply putting a bit of metal in behind the vents to hold a piece of plastic/metal in place, surely one could be made out of a long piece of metal the same width and thickness in an L shape and wedged in the same place, only pointing upwards rather than downwards, then a Brodit clip could be attached to that instead, holding the phone up and away from the dash but still keeping it below the line of site so the entire windscreen/bonnet can be seen without obstruction.

Seems simple enough, if I can find a piece of thin metal to test it with....
The clips normally at plastic not metal and u get like the plastic things to wedged in to get the I'm spudjers maybe

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Ill just post this little one here, ever since I bought my Golf I've always wanted a place to keep my phone so I ended up going to Argos and spending £5 on a at the time rather cheap phone holder, it clips onto the air vent and had an extendable sides so you could fit a phone such as a Nokia 3310 in their or a giant Samsung Galaxy S6/IPhone in their. the brilliant thing is no matter how you drive the phone will always stay in their until you remove it. the holder if you get bored is easy enough to remove too just rotate the two pins which click into the air vent and move to the inside of the case and off it comes, no damage to anything, I'd really recommend it
There's a Kenu universal holder on Argos's site for £19.99. It looks great, but I have an iPhone 6Plus and I believe it won't hold it as it is too big. They don't sell the Kenu+ version for larger screen phones.
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