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best/cheapest place to get banded steels?

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Looking at a lot of wheel options for after winter and quite like the look of banded steels. Anyone recommend anywhere?id want 18 inch and is there anywhere that provides the steels as part of the service?
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Bump ive tried banded anyone else?
Diamond Racing Wheels, might want to give them a shout. They're in america but they ship and will make you the wheels to the spec you want etc. My mate might be getting a set for his clio
is it a lot do yu know? im thinking coz of shipping and that
Remember shipping and import duty... id say expect 20% import duty on the price of goods!
exactly rich, im thinkin ill use a uk based company if i do it but i wondered if anyone had any done to give me their recommendations?
No one on here has had them done?or knows anyone who has?
Have a look on your find something, your like

hope that helps

whats your best price so far Chuff?
400ish and ive gotta provide the steels!
not a cheap option then! but I suppose its worth it for a good set of banded steals! < get it lol [paperbag]
No not as cheap as i was hopin.might as well buy damm alloys
I am very interested in this aswell free bump!
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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