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Loved the Nuvolaris since I first saw them. Am also a big fan of the RS4s and thought they were common but when you're out on the road how many do you see? Not a lot (or I don't anyway).

If i was making the decision again I would go for less spokes - not so bad in the warmer weather but cleaning the SuperTs in the freezing cold hurts - but then, it's all multi-spokes you've gone for so you'll have to expect that regardless [:eek:)]

The A8s I've only liked on one car (at the recent London meet?).

Have you had a look for members pics who have these wheels? They're all on here... That's what made up my mind to get the OZs, when I saw them actually on a MK4.

Here's a couple:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I've got more if you are interested in seeing them.
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