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Back in love

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After comming so close to giving up and selling my golf due to smoking issues. iv rekindled my love with her.

Going to fit some injectors in her and if that doesn't stop her smoking someone is going to have a unhappy customer on there hands

She costs me a arm and a leg every time!

My Summery of Golf GTTDI's

Remap = Need of Forge intercooler due to the amount of pipes They blow & they dont come cheap

Remap = New clutch and dual mass and they dont come cheap

Remap = Dirty car

Remap = Even after you have fitted the forge cooler and pipes the shitty red pipe from the turbo still Fails time after time

Remap = Seems to drink shit loads of fuel ... why did i buy a diesel.

After all that iv fallen back in love of walking up to here and seeing those 18'' beauty's and splitter that hugs the road with the headlights with eyeliner on.


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Nice to see your sticking with it mate. Bodywork looks awsome on it.
Cheers just needs to be lower now. anniversary without the price tag is my moto :)
that is a nice bit of kit man, i dont normally go for silver either

can see why you love it
thats a real nice car mate..i always love annis
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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