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Afternoon all, thought id re introduce myself again since its been quite a while since I have logged on. Im down in not so sunny bedfordshire and can normally be found on I Recently bought myself a 56 reg Golf GT Tdi 170 as a daily driver and have been resisting the temptation to make any changes to it just yet. Had to get something else too because 21mpg with the current fuel prices is getting a bit ridiculous on the S2 and don't want to be putting silly miles on it either.

Anyway I resisted for all of two days before getting a MFSW with paddles and controller which I have just fitted this morning, however I am without PAS so looks like it needs connecting upto Vagcom. Is there anyone near Sandy who is able to help?

should be checking in here a bit more often now, and will come say hello at GTI inters later in the year too.

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