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Rotiform Wheels
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Awesome are now offering the cult Rotiform wheels! Full prices on our website and European delivery available!

Piperwerx Downpipes and Cats
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Pipewerx is now supplying our preffered 3" downpipes and cats, also featuring cat bypasses for your TT 225/LCR/S3

THS Mounts
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New mounts now available for both the Mk4 and Mk5 platform cars, we can also now offer the THS 1.8T Manifolds: watch our site for details!

Now in Stock: Audi TTS Neuspeed P-Flo
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The plastic factory airbox is good at muffling intake noise and enhancing low rpm/low speed engine performance, but becomes very restrictive when the engine is operating in the higher rpm range - where most performance drivers need it.

The NEUSPEED P-Flo allows you to uncork the intake side of your engine, drawing in a nearly unlimited supply of fresh air. Most applications gain an honest 5-8hp at the wheels in the midrange and higher rpms (depending on the vehicle.) Plus, every P-Flo kit includes a high-performance, multi-layer cotton gauze air filter that is washable and reusable.

New: ECS Magnetic Gearbox Plug
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Following on from the success of the ECS Sump Plug we now have this in stock:

Magnetic Transmission Drain Plugs from ECS Tuning for your V/W & Audi. ECS MAGNETIC PLUGS have a permanent magnet that is fastened to the plug body. This magnet attracts and holds abrasive ferrous metal particles preventing their circulation through the lubrication systems.

PREORDER: Hybrid 1.8T Oil Pan Conversion Kit
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This kit enables oil pans to be changed from the standard low lying, fragile aluminum version to the new hybrid version that offers more clearance and durable impact zone. This kit has enhancements over the original VW design including a specifically engineered adapter that allows you to use your stock turbo oil drain tube. This ECS adapter has a tough, clear anodized finished & is made from 6061 aluminum to ensure longevity. The ECS adapter was optimized to provide a continuous downward sloping plane for oil drainage into the crankcase. This aids the flow of the oil out of the turbo and prevents oil drain restriction. This kit also includes all needed gaskets & sealant for the job, which the original VW designed conversion did not.

Kit includes the following components:
•Hybrid oil pan with drain plug
•Oil drain adapter
•Gaskets for the lower turbo drain tube
•New drain tube securing bolts
•Oil pickup tube

Due in Stock beginning of February

PREORDER: Dubkorps United WorldRide V2
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Due in Stock Mid February - Reserve one now!
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