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AVOID HDNL - at all cost!

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I bought a used Eurojet racing front mount intercooler for my mk4 on the 3rd of December and HDNL had refused to collect on the day even though it was still early. So they collected the parcel on the 5th for 72 hour priority delivery so it was due to be delivered by the 8th. The problem is it is now the 17th and I have not received the parcel yet which is fair enough its only 9 days delayed. So I rung up and asked to collect it in person and was told "lol no you aint, good luck trying we've got no one manning the desk at the depot" I asked why there was such a delay and they said it was because "of the two days of bad weather" But what has me confused is it's over a week delayed and I have ordered other things since via royal mail most of which are from much further north and areas badly affected by snow and they have all arrived now. I asked if the delivery costs could be claimed back and they've told me their priority delivery service doesn't offer any compensation or refund for late or lost parcels which was a real bummer.

I didn't really worry though as I've heard Amazon use them and so they must be a fairly large company, but my curiosity got the best of me and I had a look online and to say Im now worried now is an understatement... HDNL are rated worse than 'parcel monkey' - below is a link of the review site reviewcentre on HDNL:

Very worrying! avoid them at all cost, if you need to get something delivered your better doing it on foot yourself, atleast in my case I could have got to Midlands and back on foot by now.
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Never had a problem with them, and their east European delivery girls have been very easy on the eye! Hope it gets sorted soon :-(
Lesson learnt, could have got a proper courier to deliver your items for a quid or two more.

Using Interparcel they collect same day, tracked insured delivery next day no issue. Parcel monkey also offer a good service next day which is cheaper.
These so called delivery companies have a pile of parcels to deliver. They phone other delivery companies (R Mail, DHL, Parcelforce etc) looking for space on their vehicles.They purchase the space you get your parcel. No space no parcel
I've had problems in the past, they are especially rubbish at Xmas. My gaffer was slating them the otherday got the late arrival of his parcel.
Used to be White Arrow back in the day

Still no better despite the attempt to hide their roots

APC are the best courier out there IMO, small independent depots who rely on their reputations.

I work at UPS and have been for over 3 years and ive never seen anything like it up until now.

We have a backlog of ATLEAST 4000 packages. The problem is we get 2000 in a day and 2000 out a day but we are a day behind so how would you go about catching up?

Interparcel, DHL, Parcelforce are all using UPS for alot of there stuff at the mo.

If they wanted to clear the backlog or ease some pressure off their drivers I think they should man their desk and allow collection. I would have chosen parcel force or Europa to deliver if it was me but I purchased it from an advertiser on golfgtiforum, he dispatched it as he said he would it's just that HDNL has made a right mess of things. I'm particularly worried after reading about them throwing parcels over peoples front gates which in some cases are 10 feet, I hope they don't try the same with my eurojet fmic... not exactly cheap ... [:S]
I'm particularly worried after reading about them throwing parcels over peoples front gates which in some cases are 10 feet, I hope they don't try the same with my eurojet fmic... not exactly cheap ...
It is interesting that you mention this . . .

One night last week we returned home from work to find a parcel in our garden that had been lobbed in from the road. It was dark at the time and we initially didn't realise that there were more parcels scattered around the garden. One by one we located a total of six parcels, some had landed thirty feet from the road.

When we got them all into the house, we then realised that each one was for an address in the locality, albeit non on our road, and not one of them was for us!

This wasn't a case of misdelivery, it was a deliberate act of disposal by throwing them over a wall. Given that each item is scanned when loaded into the van, it seems crazy that the driver would have done this as the act will be traced back to the culprit. We spoke to HDNL and a manager visited us to collect the items, taking pictures and notes of the location.

I get to see couriers and their reps on a daily basis as we use them for delivery of items to and from work. I have a lot of respect for them coping with a stressful job each day: the stress coming from people like us who are never happy when items are delayed and rarely thank them for delivering on time.

Sometimes retailers don't help: when we had our TV delivered a couple of years ago, the retailer failed to pass on the delivery instructions to the courier to warn the driver of a steep and slippery path to our door and to give him our 'phone number to check that we were at home prior to unloading the large, cumbersome box from the truck. At the first delivery attempt we were out and the poor driver carried the TV all the way to our door and back to the truck in the ice and snow. When he delivered the following day, I wanted to give him a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake for his troubles but he had to rush to the next delivery. Poor lad.

Whatever happened to the HDNL driver the other night, it is clear he had a bad day and, of course, should not have dumped his remaining parcels. Whilst I hope he gets an "ear full" from his boss, let's not have another long thread bemoaning courier companies, indeed, let's have a courier appreciation thread for a change [:)]
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P.S. rockmonkey: I hope you get the FMIC soon!
Bora Boy - your more honest than I am,

It would have been like Christmas has come early for me!
aye, i can understand the stress which couriers have to undergo - i remember once chatting to a russian delivery driver who was dropping off some bike parts for me and he told me that his work life was often very hectic and, whilst it may appear to all be properly scheduled, much of the time people or just simple circumstance gets in the way.

the thing that really irritates me is the way the depots seem to be run and the lack of communication/common sense. most of the cases where my items have been late has been due to the organisation of the depot themselves - i remember once having spent a whole three days waiting for a package which i had ordered next day and i watched it sit in the depot for two of those three days.
Parcel monkey is like the best you can get... I can't understand why any one would use any diff
Hi Guys

HDNL were on watchdog a few weeks ago, I would certainly avoid them at all cost after seeing them on tv!!
"let's not have another long thread bemoaning courier companies, indeed, let's have a courier appreciation thread for a change

Seriously!? I don't think a courier company who is truely flexible to the needs of the customer exists yet! Certainly when I've had stuff delivered froma variety of companies, they won't:-

Leave with neighbours.

Allow you to collect in person between 6pm and 8pm weekdays or after 2pm on weekends.

Allow you to call a depot direct - dooming you to holding forever at hopeless call centres.

Redeliver at a suitable out of hours time for those of us who work 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri.

Really bugs me.

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I'm not asking for much from them, I paid for priority delivery and have asked if I could collect from them because it is now the 21st of december and I was meant to have received it before the 8th of december. Not a problem as it's only 13 days late right?

So I asked if I could collect it, they said no. Not a matter of hours of collection but simply they will not allow any collection under any circumstace at anytime, at all. So I thought ok, they're only 13 days late and won't allow me to collect but nobody's perfect.

I asked them when whether they think the item will be delivered this week like last week. They said they don't know but they certainly cant promise it. No big problem, I then asked if it could be sent back to the seller, so I can make the 600 mile round trip myself in the snow to collect it from the seller and lose the delivery fees, not a problem with me. So they said they don't actually know where it is, it's in the depot somewhere but they've not lost it and because of that they cant send it back to the seller.

So I don't see how Im being fussy, if anything I've tried to go out of my way to help them, at great expense too! It's costed me £30 in phone bills just trying to find out more about my parcel. I'm starting to get worried.

I've also asked them, about possible compensation if my parcel is lost and to my surprise they've told me they don't have any compensation available to ANY customers via ANY of their services.

So what's to stop some pikey driver taking the eurojet fmic off his truck and selling them while hes meant to be on delivery and pocketing the money for christmas for himself?! Im starting to get a bit desperate and it seems there is absolutely nothing I can do short of breaking into their Maidstone premise and locating my parcel and making away with it in the middle of the night!
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HDNL can't be doing too badly business wise, someone I know works for them and said they have bought out DHL and are changing their name to Yodel with bright green vans.

Second largest parcel company behind the Royal Mail, every company cocks things up from time to time but i've never had a problem with them.

The thing is Rockmonkey you should be insured IF it goes missing. Depots have huge backlogs at the moment so its near impossible to find one individual package. Thats why they say they know its in the depot they just dont know where. I hope everything works out for you though mate. Atleast UPS allows collections, these people sound like a right pain in the arse.

I've dealt with alot of delivery companies and they all have problems but never have I been left feeling so lost and desperate with literally no option at all.

Possibly never to be delivered, no collection allowed, not able to locate my parcel, not able to return to seller, no compensation/refund.

I was fraustrated and had to ask about possible compensation if lost or possibly a refund and they've just told me up front, we are only able to offer you the same compensation as what we offer all our customers, I asked what does amount to, she said "Nothing." Thats when alarm bells rung! Why didn't they just say there is none!?

I've also spent £30+ in phone bills because they haven't got a landline number, that didn't help...

I honestly dont think I'm going to get the fmic...

worked so hard coming up to xmas for the little extra to spend on the golf, everytime I ring HDNL they've told me to get in touch with the seller, I don't see how that will help but I bought the kit from a well known forum member 'Purely VAG' over on the golfgtiforum and he's quite busy and it's difficult to get in contact with him at the best of times. I've text him explaining the situation and he told me he would ring me back yesterday morning and I've still heard nothing.

I will certainly not be ordering anything from anyone who uses HDNL in the future.
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