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Average MPG in cold weather

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Hi I have a w reg 1.6sr and i am only getting about 47 miles to a tenner fuel 121.9 round my way which gives me 26.05 mpg.

Can anyone else with a 1.6sr tell me what they have been getting lately as i have been easily averaging above 30 before this cold snap i have changed temp sensor and cleaned tb but no improvement.
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thats about right as the car will take longer to warm up in this weather aswell. is that on the motorway or around town?
around town mainly to and from work 7 miles each way. driving when cold at 7.30 am then at about 5.30pm. so you think that is about right then?
well i would say that is good for the driving you are doing tbh, and i would assume that any time of the day these days is "cold" lol.

on a motorway run id imagine you would gat around 55-60miles to a tenner quite easily.
Well i been getting aroud 27mpg around town in my pd150
I thought my 1.8t was doing bad around town at 25mpg..

But i was informed by mr faisal that the denser air although leads to better performance means more FUEL used..
I'm glad I see this post as my average has dropped big time I'm getting about 23mpg in this weather and was wondering why
I've also noticed this. Getting around 18 to the gallon round town!
55mpg on the display on a 30 mile trip home from work

mines 35-40 now around it to normal figures on motorway 55+ but takes a fair bit longer with this weather
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