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question for anyone who thinks autoglym is a good product.while working at the Classic car show at the NEC last weekend this incident happened.on the friday we were asked by the owner of an old bentley to detail his car which we said we would do while it was on the stand for classic car.i started on the saturday morning polishing the aluminium mud guard making it look really nice and shiney.when suddenly i was told by autoglym i cannot clean the car due to the stand was being sponsered by them.this car was in a right mess and needed cleaning .i offered to do half the car with Mothers products and autoglym could clean the other half so the public could see which was the best product they refused the challenge.they then left the car and never bothered to clean it.fortunatly Jaguar do not have such a small minded view so i ended up polishing the polished aluminium body jag xjr one of only two in the world.the great part of the show was when i was cleaning the car i was told on many occasions by members of the public and members of the jaguar team they had never seen the car look so good and this was from people who have seen this car at the motor shows before.

i pose the question what has autoglym got to hide why not pick up the guantlet and show how good your products are .as we are ready to show anyone how good Mothers is[:D]
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