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auq problems.. ecu?

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hi folks got a bit of a pproblem here lol..

my mk4 had a agu engine in it now its got a auq, been 6 month of running great now i got abs and traction light on and no eml on.

i put diagnostic tool on and scanned for codes, i got abt 10 codes, all open circuit and short to grounds. from maf - 02 sesnsor bank 1/2 - camshaft posision sensor - boost pressure sensor - injectors and others. and have only 3 psi boost. but car still starts np and drives only with 3 psi boost. got the auq engine from a octavia vrs. been over full loom and cant see any problems with earths ect. looms not in the best of condition tho.. was thinking ecu as soo manny short to grounds and open circuits.

any one had this b4? any help would be great b4 i start spending more cash :(
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