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Evening peeps,

After finally managing to get the front mount intercooler fitted onto my MK4 and a remapped ecu in i have boost issues.

This was somewhat expected but if anyone can help or point me in the right direction that would be much appriciated.

The car runs fine at low rpm, no issues.

As soon and a little bit of throttle is applied at low rpm (1500-2000) i can hear what sounds like lots of boost building however the car feels as if it's being super restricted at this point and then the boost dumps, rebuilds, stutters, finally builds again at about 3500rpm and boosts right up to 20psi and the car flies. This is all while keeping the throttle dead still so it should come in smoothly or at least smoothish.

I can only describe the feeling as if the car wants to pull but the breaks are on? almost no power at all?
The turbo spools very early up to about 12-15psi but i cant feel any acceleration, it just feels like something is stopping it?

Sometimes the boost builds at low rpm and a bang can be heard... almost like there is too much pressure in the system and something pops?

Please excuse me if this isnt too descriptive.
Any help will be greatly appriciaated, Thank you.
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